Portland Sag Wagon


Strictly speaking, it’s not a sag wagon. Though, I like the name. It is more apt to describe myself as a concierge.

In my opinion there exists a hole in the marketplace for experienced bicycle tourists that want a little logistical help at the start and finish of their ride, but do not need a fully supported and planned group ride costing hundreds of dollars a day. I am here to address that gap with a cost-efficient option for self-supported tourists.

Like a concierge, there’s nothing I do that you couldn’t do for yourself. However, like a good concierge, I take the worry and tedium out of the boring stuff so you can concentrate on the fun stuff. At it’s most basic the model is ship your bike to me. I will unbox and assemble it. Then I will meet you at the airport with your bike and shuttle you and the rest of your party to the starting point of your ride. A number of days later I will pick you up from your destination, return you to the airport, re-box your bike, and ship it back to your home. Between pick-up and drop-off, you are on your own: you, your bike, and the road.


Portland Sag Wagon

PortlandSagWagon is a shuttle and concierge service for self-supported bicycle tourists.

email: allan AT portlandsagwagon.com